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69 Love Songs Pre-Valentine's Day Bash!

Three Imaginary Girls, Barsuk Records, and 90.3 KEXP present the songs of The Magnetic Fields as interpreted by members of The Long Winters, Vendetta Red, Rocky Votolato, Visqueen, Tullycraft, Harvey Danger, Kane Hodder, Transmissionary Six, Saeta, and many more. Thursday night, February 9th, at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, WA Seattle, WA, January 20, 2006 […]

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We Are All Waiting for Hope


The construction of minimalism is a tricky task. Too little space filled, and then you lose the listener's attention. Too much and you crowd out the mood. Seattle band Saeta have a gifted understanding of the chemistry needed to pull this approach off correctly, as demonstrated on their fourth release, We Are Waiting All For […]

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Plum St: Beauty and Dreams

Show Date: September 8, 2003

Poor Plum St.. It's hard to book a show for a Monday night. After all, rainy days and Mondays always get me down, it's Monday or forever, and I don't like Mondays. September 8, 2003 triumphed over this predisposed musical Monday adversity with an incredibly well-crafted line-up of melodic, mellow, melifluous, marvelous Monday music. And […]

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Show Date: August 17, 2002

With the post-Hypatia Lake glows upon our cheeks, the Girls emerged from our collective blissed-out musical haze to notice the next band playing was actually hosting their CD release party that night. Who would possibly want to follow up the glory of Hypatia Lake…? As it turned out, Saeta would. Not only did they show […]

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