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GIVE-ing season arrived this week — with a 30+ track local artist compilation

Fresh off the presses from our inboxes comes this week’s launch of GIVE — 30 downloadable tracks from a variety of Seattle artists, who are donating their songs to benefit Arts Corps and local area foodbanks. The $7.00 (!) compilation, which was produced, curated, and funded by Caffe Vita, will be available online here. Physical […]

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The Blakes and USE rumble at the Crocodile tonight

The group Future Sounds sponsors a series of shows across the country in selected cities (New York, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco). Tonight (Monday, August 3), they are kicking off the first Rumble in Seattle. It features Battle Hymns, USE and The Blakes. This is a monthly event in all of the […]

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2009 {Friday}

Show Date: July 24, 2009

Block party started off mellow enough with the sultry blues of The Dutchess and The Duke kicking off Friday on the main stage at 4 pm with “Reservoir Park,” the gravel between Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison’s deep vocal harmonies foreshadowing the fine layer of grit that would coat my skin by the end of […]

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Kyle Johnson's Top Ten Live Music Photos of 2008

Editor's note: TIG photographer Kyle Johnson has been quite busy this year. Taking the impeccable press and editorial photos as well as covering shows and festivals for TIG, Kyle has amassed a great portfolio for 2008. Here's a recap of his personal favs from the past year:   Grunge Lives in 2008! Green River at […]

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Flickr photo(s) of the day: Sasquatch faves

We had loads of Sasquatch photos posted to the TIG Sparkly Indie-Pop Photos pool. Some look super-duper pro, others look like snapshots from fans having a blast. We selected a smattering of our faves to share with you here. You can check out the rest by visiting Flickr at the link above. The Blakes. Photo […]

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Top 50 Imaginary keywords this month

Ever wonder how people come to find Three Imaginary Girls? I like to geek out over such things, and happily, Google Analytics provides me with all the keyword deets I need. Some of the search terms were predictable (like, um, "three imaginary girls" as the top hit). And we always see a good number of […]

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Kyle Johnson's Top Ten Local Live Music Photos of 07

{Over the coming weeks, our staff writers here at TIG will be posting their best of 2007 lists. We welcome you to read, comment… and most of all, VOTE for your own favorites in our Best of 2007 Readers Poll.} 2007 was the first year I really got into shooting live music. Its a great […]

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