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Imaginary Indie Tunes Podcast {November 2006}


Three Imaginary Girls created a series of podcasts between 2005-2010 titled the Imaginary Indie Tunes podcast. Each episode served as a mixtape of our favorite songs for each given month, spotlighting the new releases and upcoming shows. {all currently published podcast episodes}


Here’s a look back on our fourth episode, originally published in September 2006. This episode includes a lot of great artists from Seattle and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE!!! This podcast includes a very naughty set of songs (right there smack in the middle of the episode) so put some naughty-cancelling headphones on the kids and coworkers.


Playlist for November 2006

  • The Hot Toddies
    “Seattle” (self-released EP) {facebook}
  • Racetrack
    “Jumping the Shark” (Demo)
  • Man Plus
    “Sister Says I’ll Love Again” (From the self-released LP We Had No Sex) {bandcamp}
  • Argo
    “All You Say” (Pleasurecraft remix) (Demo) {website}
  • Nicky Click
    “Don’t Call Me Baby” (From the self-released LP You’re Already a Member {website}
  • Voxy
    “Chix with Dictionaries” (self-released)
  • Cars Can Be Blue
    “The Dirty Song” (From the Happy Happy Birthday to Me release All the Stuff We Do {facebook}
  • The Trucks
    “Titties” (from the Click Pop release The Trucks)
  • A Gun That Shoots Knives
    “Every Year” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • We Wrote the Book on Connectors
    “Gonna Eat Some Cake” (self-released) {bandcamp}
  • The Treatment
    “Invisible Bruise” (debut release on Loveless Records)
  • Fernando
    “Everybody Knows” (From the release Exit to Enter)
  • Tea Cozies
    “Tranciting” (From their debut, self-titled EP) {bandcamp}
  • The Snakebites
    “Everybody Feels It When We Get Together” (From the release Love, Hate, Rage, & Sorrow) {bandcamp}


Produced by Three Imaginary Girls
Engineered by DKB productions

Permission to podcast all music in the Imaginary Podcast has been obtained from the artist and is on file at the imaginary office.

Thanks to the Wedding Present for the wonderful opening riff on each episode.


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Win tickets to see Greycoats and The Sea Navy next Saturday

We've got another pair of tickets to give away to another excellent show coming up next Saturday (May 9th). This one is at the High Dive and features four really great bands: The Sea Navy, Man Plus, The Dimes and Greycoats.

Greycoats are a Minneapolis-based rock band who just released their first album, Setting Fire to the Great Unknown, this month and I've been enjoying what I've heard from it. The songs are neatly composed numbers that sound epic and were inspired by bands like Radiohead and The Arcade Fire (with a little less pretention). Although their album was self-released, one of their singles was featured on an episode of "The Gossip Girl". You can download another one of their singles, "Goodbye Sweet Youth, Goodbye" here (just right-click).

We have a spot on Greycoats' guest list next Saturday night to give away to one lucky TIG reader (it will be you +1). All you have to do is e-mail us sometime before 9am on Thursday, May 7 at [email protected] with "Greycoats" in the subject line.

Here's a video to "Goodbye Sweet Youth, Goodbye":

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Best of 2008: Top Northwest Releases of 2008 TIG Editorial Picks

TIG staffers are a lot like you — coming up with our list of faves for the year is a fun and gripping process. After comparing/contrasting/debating our individual favorites, we figured the sum of our imaginary parts would make for an interesting list.

While ChrisB and Keenan, among other things, brought in the power-pop elements,  Chris Estey stood by the smartie subtle elements of this year’s Northwest offerings. Imaginary liz, as usual, loved the lo-fi and indie-pop songs, while imaginary dana spent much of the year obessed with Throw the the Statue and of course, the Fleet Foxes. And nearly all of us agreed that the Saturday Knights album was a force to be reckoned with. Here’s our our staff votes tallied up…

Top Northwest Releases of 2008, TIG Editorial Picks:

25. The Nextdoor Neighbors – Magic Vs The Machine {live show review}
24. The Dead ScienceVillanaire {album review}
23. H is for HellgateCome for the peaks stay for the valleys {info}
22. Kay Kay and His Weathered UnderdroundKay Kay and His Weathered Underdround {live show review}
21. BOATTopps EP {live show review}
20. LoveLandThe Beautiful Truth {info}
19. Damien JuradoCaught In The Trees {album review}
18. Common MarketBlack Patch War {album review}
17. Chris WallaField Manual {album review}
16. Hey MarseillesTo Travels and Trunks {live show review}
15. Jared Mees and the Grown ChildrenCaffeine, Alchohol, Sunshine, Money {album review}
14. Grand ArchivesGrand Archives {album review}
13. Man PlusHungarian Suicide Songbook {album review}
12. WallpaperOn The Chewing Gum Ground
11. (TIE) Young SportsmenIf You Want It {album review}
11. (TIE) Doll TestMosque Alarm Clock
10. The Pica BeatsBeating Back the Claws of the Cold {info}
9. Team GinaProducts of the 80s {album review}
8. The Kindness KindThe Kindness Kind {info}
7. The PharmacyChoose Ur Own Adventure {info}
6. Throw Me The StatueMoonbeams {album review}
5. Dutchess and the DukeShe’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke {live show review}
4. The Old HauntsPoisonous Times {live show review}
3. All Girl Summer Fun BandLooking Into It {live show review}
2. Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes {album review}
1. The Saturday KnightsMingle {album review}

Peruse some of individual staffer favs:

Dyme Def Imaginary Scoop Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground Man Plus Old Haunts Team Gina The Kindness Kind The Saturday Knights The Turn Ons Vancougar Young Sportsmen

Chris B's Top 10 NW Releases of 2008

I always find it frustrating when another reviewer or critic says they couldn't compile an annual top 10 list because they couldn't find ten albums they appreciated in any given year. Each year there are thousands and thousands of records being released – some great, some crap. 2008 was another fantastic year for Northwest music. Not because Fleet Foxes cleaned up in Pitchfork's reader's poll or placed at or near the top of several British publications' best of the year lists. No, it was a great year for Northwest music because there was always some exciting sound coming out of a rock club on any given night. I don't think I could identify a single night on a calendar where there was not some excellent show that was preferable to staying at home for the night.

Fleet Foxes were the story of 2008 – and good for them, but there were countless other bands that didn't get picked up by the hype machine that were equally deserving. When I making this top 10 list, I first listed every album that could conceivably be one of my ten favorites and then narrowed it down from there. My first draft had 30 entries. The (biggest) problem with top 10 lists is that you only have ten spots to fill. Having said that, I did the best I could (knowing full-well that I left off at least twenty deserving candidates). For what it's worth, three of them were made available as free downloads and 8 were of bands from Seattle. Here are the ten Northwest albums that made my iPod a happier place in 2008 – with YouTubage where available:

10. Man Plus, The Hungarian Suicide Songbook (song: Kids Gone Bad)


9. The Turn-Ons, Curses

8. The Old Haunts, Poisonous Times (song: Not Hopeless)


7. Dyme Def, 3 Bad Brothaaas mixtape (song: "The Game Needs Me" Remix)

6. Vancougar, Canadian Tuxedo (song: Distance)


5. Team Gina, Products of the Eighties (song: Products of the Eighties)


4. The Kindness Kind, The Kindness Kind (song: Suckerpunch)


3. The Young Sportsmen, If You Want It

2. Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground (song: Simon Courage Flees the Coop)


1. The Saturday Knights, Mingle (song: 45)

Bauhaus Crystal Castles Depeche Mode Imaginary Scoop Interpol Joy Division Man Plus Nine Inch Nails Schoolyard Heroes She Wants Revenge The Cure

Looking for a great "Hallowindie" Mix

Hello, Imaginary World.

I make a point out of living up Halloween each and every year. My annual tradition is to create a Halloween mix CD- not one of those clichè ones with "The Addams Family Theme" and "Monster Mash", but a really good, unique one.

My past lists include songs by

  • Depeche Mode
  • The Cure
  • Interpol
  • She Wants Revenge
  • Bauhaus
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Joy Division

This year, however, I'm looking for a better mix, with as much Seattle Indie music as possible. And maybe less depressing Goth.

I'm going to start the mix with "Children of the Night" by Schoolyard Heroes, "Crimewave" by Crystal Castles, and "My Kind of People" by Man Plus. Maybe this will give you an idea of the kind of stuff I'm looking for. Remember, this is going to be played at a party! With costumes and caramel apples and cobwebs galore!

I want to hear your suggestions for more songs! Please, help me make the best Hallowindie Mix 2008?

Imaginary Scoop Man Plus

Download Man Plus' LP for free

Photo from Man Plus' Flickr Page

This is just my luck. It hasn't even been two weeks since I bought Man Plus' excellent LP The Hungarian Suicide Songbook (at their last show, with Black Kids and The Virgins) and they go and make the whole damn thing available for free through their website.

Imaginary writer Jer loved it, saying:

The Hungarian Suicide Songbook is one of those albums you simply can’t help but sing along with — a feat I found myself participating in mere moments into my very first listen. The enchanting lyrical repetitions backed with imaginative synthesizer creations make for an impressive collection of music.

Man Plus is also playing one more show coming up, on Halloween with Neon Nights, The Valkries and Razrez. They say it's their only show before Spring of '09.

Here's a video for their song "Kids Gone Bad" that is pretty funny:

(photo by Pam Sattler)

Live Show Review Man Plus

Capitol Hill Block Party 2008: Man Plus

Man Plus is one of the most accessible bands I’ve seen at CHBP this year. They have a dance-y, pop/rock sound that is easy to grasp on to. Live they were a lot of fun.

Maybe it was being outdoors in the heat all day long, but for whatever reason, the crowd never seemed to get into Man Plus. That’s unfortunate because Man Plus was very good. With a sound influenced by bands like LCD Soundsystem, New Order and Talking Heads, Man Plus gave it their best effort to get the crowd – including a singer jumping into the crowd to sing and dance during “Not For All the Cocaine in the World.”

He sings with an Interpolian emotional detachment that made for a nice juxtaposition for the pop/rock music the band was making. The band was a lot tighter and more focused than bands like Little Party and the Bad Business and Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. They’re ideologically similar, but those two aforementioned bands thrive on punk energy while Man Plus relies on familiarity.

Man Plus is the only band I’m covering at CHBP that I’ve seen live before and if my memory serves, they were a five-piece band with one female member, a singer named Ellen (she was the “plus” in Man Plus) but today they had 6 members on stage and two women. Their setup was two singers, a guitarist, bassist, keyboard player and drummer.

Ellen said at one point that she was distracted by the other singer (whose name I didn’t catch and couldn’t confirm either via their website or MySpace page) and his new gold tooth. Then he showed the crowd his new dental work. They were mostly ambivalent towards the band already and at that point they became confused.

The band closed their set with a slower ballad, and ended anti-climactically but it was one of the most enjoyable sets I’ve caught thus far at CHBP.

Chris Walla Common Market Death Cab for Cutie Dyme Def Fleet Foxes Grand Archives Head Like A Kite Imaginary Scoop Little Party and the Bad Business M. Bison Man Plus Mark Pickerel Natalie Portman's Shaved Head Old Haunts Panda & Angel Sera Cahoone Shake Some Action! Shim Star Anna Tea for Julie Team Gina The New Bloods The Nextdoor Neighbors The Pharmacy The Saturday Knights The Turn Ons Thee Emergency Throw Me the Statue Young Sportsmen

Best of 2008: it's half-yearly check-in time

As of today, we’re officially in the second half of 2008. Welcome! To gear you up for another fabulous six months of local Northwest releases, we here at imaginary headquarters have brainstormed an imaginary mix for all of you, containing some of our favorite songs by Northwest artists released this year to date thus far.

No promises that each of these will make our Best of 2008 Reader’s Poll final list, but at least this way you have the next six months to follow-up and listen to these releases before you have to decide. In alphabetical order, we have…

The top imaginary 33 Northwest songs of 2008 {so far}:

  1. Sera Cahoone “The Colder the Air” (from the release Only As The Day is Long)
  2. Common Market “Watership Down” (from the release Black Patch War)
  3. Death Cab for Cutie “Cath” (from the release Narrow Stairs)
  4. Dyme Def3Badbrothaaas” (from the release 3Badbrothaaas Mixtape)
  5. Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal” (from the release Fleet Foxes)
  6. Head Like a Kite “Big FM Radio Hit” (from the release There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere)
  7. The Helio Sequence “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” (from the release Keep Your Eyes Ahead)
  8. Grand Archives “Index Moon” (from the release The Grand Archives)
  9. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground “Simon Courage Flees the Coop” (from the release Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground)
  10. Little Party and the Bad Business “A Free Box for Everyone” (from the release Jock Therapy)
  11. M. Bison “Party All The Time” (from an unreleased EP)
  12. Man Plus “Not For All the Cocaine in the World” (from the release The Hungarian Suicide Songbook)
  13. Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head “Me + Yr Daughter” (from the release Glistening Pleasure)
  14. The Nextdoor Neighbors “Town Full of Mannequins” (from an unreleased EP)
  15. The New Bloods “Oh, Deadly Nightshade” (from the release The Secret Life)
  16. The Old Haunts “Volatile” (from the release Poisonous Times)
  17. Panda & Angel “Sirens” (from an unreleased EP)
  18. The Pharmacy “Little Toys On The Shelf” (from the release Choose Yr Own Adventure)
  19. Mark Pickerel “She Calls” (from the release Cody’s Dream)
  20. Pleasureboaters “Elliptical Realism” (from the release !Gross!)
  21. Shim “Satisfied” (from the release Feel Like a King)
  22. Star Anna “If Wishes Were Horses” (from the release Crooked Path)
  23. The Saturday Knights “Dog Park” (from the release Mingle)
  24. Shake Some Action! “Half Past Three” (from the release Sunny Days Ahead)
  25. Tea for Julie “Pollyanna” (from the release The Sense in Tying Knots)
  26. Team Gina “Wife-Swapping” (from the release Product of the Eighties)
  27. Tennis Pro “Shelley Gets High” (from the release Are You There God? It’s Me, Tennis Pro.)
  28. Thee Emergency “Call 911” (from the release Solid)
  29. Throw Me The Statue “Yucatan Gold” (from the release Moonbeams)
  30. The Turn-Ons “Here She Is” (from the release Curse)
  31. Shane Tutmarc and the Travelling Mercies “Honey I Chose You” (from the release Hey Lazarus)
  32. Chris Walla “Two-Fifty” (from the release Field Manual)
  33. The Young Sportsmen “Girl Pants” (from the release If You Want It)

To paraphrase imaginary ChrisB, we feel like this list is pretty unfuckwithable. But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t inadvertently overlook something great. If you have additions for our list, please chime in with your comments below.


Man Plus Record Review Self-released

The Hungarian Suicide Songbook

The Hungarian Suicide Songbook is one of those albums you simply can’t help but sing along with — a feat I found myself participating in mere moments into my very first listen. The enchanting lyrical repetitions backed with imaginative synthesizer creations make for an impressive collection of music.

The Hungarian Suicide Songbook is the second full-length record from Seattle-based Man Plus, and, while not familiar with the band’s earlier work, I found it to be a well-produced album full of impressive musical styles and a lyrical composition that reveals more after every listen.

Because of the creative use of synthesized beats and effects, the songs often have a futuristic space voyage sound (the band shares its name with a sci-fi novel from the 1970s). Accompanying this musical experimentation are loads of rhythm guitar and plenty of repetitive choruses that instantly raise the album to an elite level of pop catchiness. “A Ghost Is A Ghost Is A Ghost Is A Ghost,” a track that sounds like it was co-written by Gertrude Stein, has such sweet repetition it is almost impossible not to have the chorus ingrained in your memory after the first listen. The same goes with most of the songs on the album, including “My Kind of People,” whose chorus of "If you’re down all the time, you’re my kind of people," gives perfect insight to what the bulk of the songwriting on the record is all about.

Even though the album has many moments that come close to an around-the-campfire level of sing-along-ability, it is by no means a blissful joyride of fluff. These songs carry a dark and cynical tone — starting right away with the repeated mantra, "Every day it gets a little worse" halfway through the opening track and continuing with such lines as "I don’t need humility, I need some success. I’m crushed with all your hope, I’m crushed with happiness" on "Prayer Works," and the tantalizing repetition of "You don’t have to get high alone, you don’t have to end up like me" on "Once in Awhile (Getting High Alone)." At times I noticed myself happily lolling along with the music, only to realize I was harmonizing to songs about killing babies (“What I Like About Love”), startling tales of sex and death (“Down At My Place”), and an overload of internal angst (every track on the album). Jared Mill’s half-raspy vocals are the perfect outlet for these lyrics — fittingly carrying us through equal periods of distress and harmony. After a few careful listens I developed a strong appreciation for the lyrics and themes of the album, even though I’m still not sure what most are about. Man Plus doesn’t want to sing about little pop romances or idyllic times — they have a lot more on their mind.

While the lyrical content is full of engaging pessimism, the music is so fun and energetic it’s easy to forget you’re listening to an album that bills itself with Suicide Songbook. Man Plus’ ability to meld depression-fueled lyrics with a powerfully poppy sound creates, dare I say it, one hell of an enjoyable experience. Maybe even, perhaps, an uplifting one.

Dead Confederate Imaginary Scoop Man Plus Sally Shapiro Shy Child The Breeders tilly and the wall

Free Music Friday!

Check it out! It's week three of Free Music Friday! Here, once again, we provide you with links to some worthy MP3s across the web. Get your CTRL-click / right-click on with the following:


Seattle's Man Plus has a new album out, The Hungarian Suicide Songbook. We'll have a review up soon, but in the meantime, they've posted a sampling on their website. Here's "A Ghost Is A Ghost Is A Ghost," and you can download two more of their tracks when you visit the press section of their website.


Are you peeing your pants with anticipation for the new Breeders album that's dropping in a couple of weeks? I can tell you that it's fantastic (I'll tell you a lot more when my review of it posts on 4/8). Here's "Bang On," thanks to Stereogum!


Shy Child, who have a forthcoming release on Kill Rock Stars, are about to embark on a small East Coast tour, and we're sure they'll hit Seattle before long. Here's "Astronaut," courtesy of Terrorbird. Says NME, "Shy Child are to Kraftwerk what The White Stripes are to Led Zeppelin!"


Tilly and the Wall is back on the road, and The Sleepwalker and I got to see them last weekend. Here's "Chandelier Lake" c/o the blog Omaha Hype.


Thunder stealer ChrisB posted a blog this morning with a link to a Sally Shapiro/Junior Boys track, so here's that link one more time for good measure. (Dear ChrisB, JK about that thunder stealing thing, haha, love ya!)


∞ And finally, Dead Confederate's stock has been soaring lately, with an opening spot for R.E.M. at SXSW and lots of buzz around the blogosphere. We have a review of their new EP up today (let's just say we're VERY fond of it), and I found this mp3 of them covering Neil Young's "On the Beach" courtesy of Los Angeles blog Aquarium Drunkard. If you see Dead Confederate, make sure to ask Hardy to tell you some Little Mary Jane jokes.


Click here to view last week's installment.

{Send links to your MP3s to to be included in a future Free Music Friday!}