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Liz was a guest on Seattle's Worst Podcast / Aug 2018.

If you’re longtime TIG reader, you’re probably aware that I love podcasts (Roderick on the Line, Criminal, By the Book, How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black, and so many more!). The only thing I love more than listening to podcasts, is podcasting myself. Remember the various Three Imaginary Girls podcast series from 2005-2008? (They are hidden deep in the archive – ack! Note to self: We’ve still gotta figure out where to place those big files since our last website redo ). Those imaginary podcasting days are some of my favorites of them all.

I recently lucked out and got to hang out with some friends who just started their own podcast: Seattle’s Worst Podcast. With a name like that, you know I’m in. The SWP guys talk about life in Seattle, including but not limited to: current events, good things, food/drink adventures, and sometimes we get to live vicariously through Grant’s dating life.

One of the SWP fellas is a fellow parent / friend of mine from my kid’s daycare and he was kind enough to ask me to share some TIG stories with them. It was a lot of fun (understatement alert!).

The podcast chat is now ready for everyone to hear! Pick your favorite way to listen:

  • PodBean – this link includes a super handy episode guide
  • iTunes – while you’re there, subscribe and/or  leave a review (after you enjoy the episode of course)
  • Spotify – OMG! My voice is on Spotify!

I could apologize for sounding so excited and amped up the whole time (and for the gratuitous use of the word “like”), but I’m not. Those of you who know me know that’s what I sound like when I’m having a lot fun and get to share my enthusiasm for Seattle / music / friends. *This* is what you have to deal with if we hang out (and if I have a couple shots of tequila).

In case you’re interested, here’s some more info about some of the things we talked about:

  • 42m – The Meaning behind the Name
    Imaginary Amie (Amie Simon) and I run things here at TIG (and she’s amazing) and one of the many things she’s an expert on is horror movies. Dig into her horror-ific website: I Love Splatter.
    In the interview I also mention how fortunate we are to have such a team of brilliant writers and photographers (I count my luck stars on the daily). In the midst of that dreamy convo about our I name check the dazzling Brady Harvey – how could you not fall in love with her after seeing her CHBP 2018 show photos and reviews!?!






  • 73m – Liz Talks Venues
    The time El Corazon saved the imaginary day (and birthday/holiday party) and became my favorite (here and here).



PS – I’m always available if you want me to give you dating advice 😉 – although Rachel Flotard is the best at that: Love is Hard.