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Band breakups, Fall edition: The Trucks, Pleasureboaters

It’s always at least a little disappointing when bands breakup and in the past weeks two popular Northwest bands have decided to call it quits. First, Bellingham’s The Trucks are splitting. Sound Magazine got the scoop: The Trucks have run out of gas. Seemingly out of nowhere, Bellingham’s trashed-out queens of glammy gender-tweaking dance pop […]

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2008: Pleasureboaters

Show Date: July 25, 2008

There is something defiantly wrong about the gassy, pushy skronk of Pleasureboaters, something shared between the band. This isn't the technically intense metal-punk of certain Seattle bands, and it isn't the Flipper sludge of others. It is a vocabulary created by the members of the band for each other. This passion may explain why there […]

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!Gross! is the kind of urban-versus-rural aural shit that oozes out of black holes like Kent and Renton (where Pleasureboaters happen to be from). Noisy boys chopping it up in the basement, deeply inhaling the grainy crank — it's all about the torqued bash clipping against the bass warble, avant-garage thrash-on guitar suddenly sputting into […]

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Join us Chop Suey this SUNDAY for the Unscrew the Croc Employees Benefit

Even though we're in the midst of a celebratory time of year, the shock of the sudden closing of the legendary Crocodile Cafe is still with us. To help the stellar group employed there who found themselves suddenly without income, Chop Suey and Three Imaginary Girls have assembled a benefit show for those fine Ex-Croc […]

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Help "Unscrew the Crocodile Employees" on Dec. 30

Let's face it, amongst the many pleasant things in this world, one thing NOT on that list would be getting a voicemail from your boss on a Sunday afternoon informing you that you no longer have a job. It sucks times ten during the holidays. Alas, such was the fate for the employees of our […]

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Fests are upon us: Part 2: Noise for the Needy

Noise for the Needy is a local non-profit that sponsors a yearly music showcase in Seattle to benefit a charity. This year the event will benefit Rise 'N Shine, an organization that provides emotional support programs, stability, advocacy, and AIDS education for children and teens affected by HIV and AIDS. The organization is as worthy […]

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