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Video: It's fun to be imaginary!

{Yes, they are playing the song while riding a train!!! God bless IndieTracks!} This morning my ipod shuffle brought up Moustache of Insanity‘s “Imagine” and reminded me of the duo’s brilliance.  Even though they didn’t write this to be a Three Imaginary Girls theme song, I’m singing along with it today as if it was! […]

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Blasphemous Rumors

I read somewhere that Martin Gore picked up a paper one day, highlighted three stories, then wrote a pop song about them. The resulting track, from 1984's Some Great Reward, was banned from US radio stations because, I'd guess, it made disparaging comments about God. Wikipedia tells me it was allegedly the same girl in […]

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"Pudding Time" by Primus

Primus was my first introduction to the alternative-era bands in high school. Sure, I'd grown up listening to a swath of new wave and punk albums (cassettes, at that point), but they were all bands whose roots stretched far, far back into my childhood. Many were bands that, even in the early '90s, were over […]

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"In the End" by Green Day

It's either funny or pretty predictable that a large number of my high-school punk-rock memories involve truancy of some form or another. Maybe I just took that Skip Off School to See the Damned album title to heart a little too much. One of the first discussions I ever had about punk rock and major-label […]

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"The End of the World" by Jesu

We usually think of Justin Broadrick and really, really distorted guitar in sort of the same light. Broadrick's best remembered for terrorizing eardrums in Napalm Death and Godflesh, a grindcore and an industrial band, respectively. Heavy guitar distortion's usually the way those type of bands go about terrorizing our eardrums, roaring out of the speakers […]

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