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Scissor Sisters and Rye Rye at the Paramount

Show Date: June 19, 2012

When I saw that Rye Rye and Scissor Sisters would be touring together, my head almost exploded. Would I be able to handle that much neon, strobe lighting, lasers, and club beats in one evening? Heck yes! It was like completing a sweaty Baltimore bass half-marathon fueled completely on adrenaline and then being swallowed up […]

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Free ticket Friday: Andrew Bird at the Paramount {4/9}

As we mentioned back in January, here in the imaginary office we are perpetually super-stoked on all things from the Andrew Bird camp, and the newest effort {Break It Yourself} is no exception. BIY was officially released earlier this month, with a single that was compelling enough to make the album well worth the asking […]

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For the (whole) love of Wilco

Show Date: February 7, 2012

Last night's performance by Wilco at the Paramount was just a few strokes short of phenomenal. And those few strokes, mind you, were negligible at best. The set had that bright, perfect, let-your-love-light-shine kind of feeling, coupled with a stunning amount of… well, shredding, really, is the only way to put it. Hella shredding, even! […]

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