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Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {2/4-2/10}

Aw, how romantic. Send some heartwarming messages to your valentine via The Mountain Goats + Movies Tumblr.  Portlandia (yay!) nails how imaginary moms would approach the problem of insufficient indie-rock in preschools.  Drunk(ish) comic book history: aka John Landis's son, Max, schools us on The Death and Rebirth of Superman (with the help of his […]

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A mixtape of Imaginary Liz's Best of 2011 {so far)

Rather than thinking of it as 2011 being halfway over, I prefer to see it as we’re all halfway to my birthday {December 24th if it’s not on your calendar already}.  To celebrate, and take stock of this year’s releases thus far, I’ve put together a mix of my favorite songs of 2011 {so far}. […]

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Best weekend ever: Record Store Day, PopCon, shows, awesomeness

My mind is being blown as I look at my calendar pages for today and tomorrow. On top of the intoxicating sunshine the weather folk have predicted for the weekend, the indie-gods have bestowed a packed schedule of wonderfulness: APRIL 16-18: EMP Pop ConferenceIt’s going to be full of great sessions around this year’s topic of […]

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The Mountain Goats: Life of the World to Come at the NWFF on April 17

  [video:] As if there wasn’t enough amazing stuff going on on this day (Record Store Day mayhem and Math and Physics Club to play an early show at the High Dive), let’s top off the big day at the Northwest Film Forum with The Mountain Goats: Life of the World to Come. This showing celebrates […]

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Reasons the month of April is going to rule your pants off

(Photo by Laura Musselman) April is trending to be one of the best months ever here at Imaginary Headquarters. Among the reasons we’re kinda losing our stuff over here: APRIL 10 and 17: Early Math & Physics Club shows at the High Dive (6p-8p)Math and Physics Club will play a couple low key shows at […]

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imaginary liz’s favorite albums of the last decade

Yesterday I divulged my favorite albums of the year. Today I am ready to let go of my latest obsession: My album recap of how I spent my 00’s. The below listage rant is my own little time capsule to remind myself why 2000-2009 musically ruled. As with my other list posts, I’m certain I […]

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Want to see a live (DVD) Mountain Goats performance – and buy the album (The Life of the World to Come) a day early?

(In the interest of full disclosure, you all should know that I work at Sonic Boom and am going to be running this event.)   4AD and Sonic Boom Records have a present for you!   Come on down to the Sunset on Monday, October 5th. Around 8pm we will be showing a film by […]

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John Vanderslice: tour dates with Mountain Goats & record release shows

Our friend John Vanderslice hit the proverbial road this week, touring behind the upcoming release of Romanian Names, which will be out on Dead Oceans in mid-May. The first leg, dubbed the Gone Primitive tour, is paired up with the Mountain Goats for some sure-to-be stellar performances: Fri Mar 20, 2009 – Norfolk, VAAttucks Theaterw/ […]

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Merge's SCORE unleashes brilliant covers comp

  Merge has done it again! For their 20th anniversary, a part of the brilliant subscriber only compilation series SCORE, the Chapel Hill label (run by none other than members of my favorite indie rock band, Superchunk) is releasing a compilation of covers of Merge bands by a ton of non-Merge artists. Check it out: […]

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