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The PEEFs, a pop-tastic new offering from the quirky Revolutionary Hydra, is mixture of mundane noises and endearing metaphor-laden lyrics made me want to giggle and skip. The album overflows with sparkly space-pop melodies that speak of sputnik, metronome hearts, a moon-base rover, and binary thoughts. The out-of-this-world sound is created by the laying dozens of ordinary […]

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Show Date: March 9, 2004

Clearlake were my Bluetones of 2003. Just as with the initial notes of Bluetones' "Talking to Clarry" (the first song on the first Bluetones' album, Expecting to Fly), the first time I heard the opening chords of Cedarlake's album Cedars, my heart was immediately a flutter. It is already on the cusp of desert island […]

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David Dondero

Show Date: December 20, 2003

Holiday parties, end of the year work deadlines, last minute holiday card writing, and gift procuring madness couldn't keep me away from a Visqueen show… especially one with David Dondero opening up… although those distressing things could make me late to the show. An unfortunate occurrence resulted in my missing the first few songs of […]

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Show Date: December 20, 2003

The December holidays are stressful for me. Always have been. Even before I was mildly aware of all the tradition and dysfunction surrounding them. What perfect timing that a Visqueen show would fall at the climax of this, a most crazed of times. This was exactly the rock 'n roll-realignment-of-the-spirit jolt I needed. I won't […]

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Will Sheff from Okkervil River and Shearwater

Want to know which well known indie rock star dreams of hanging out in overcrowded frat bars and enjoys the Austin strip club scene? Me, too (!) Okkervil River lead-singer/songwriter/guitar-player Will Sheff knows! But, fortunately for the person in question, Will can really keep a secret. Besides skillfully crafting judicious songs that both seduce and […]

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