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The Vines

Show Date: March 19, 2003

The night of the long-awaited Vines show, I fell victim to a miscalculation of my own mathematical "what time the band is going on" formula. The goal of this wonder-formula is to provide the appropriate window of time I need to arrive at a venue to catch all the bands on my wish-list and allow […]

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Show Date: January 25, 2003

ROCK ROCK ROCK! Even before they played their first note, I knew the D4 were going to leave me metaphorically pantless. The place already had a ting of back-of-the-van B.O. and the audience members were all standing feet-shoulder width apart. I followed suit and, feeling inspired by the energy of the rock 'n roll scent […]

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives, and Cato Salsa Experience

Show Date: November 23, 2002

As with any fine evening, my Imaginary Boy in Tow (embracey) and I met up for drinks before heading over to the Graceland. Over our regular drinks (my mandarin, soda w/ lime and embracey's so co and coke), we felt a charge of Scandinavia in the air. "I haven't felt this Ikea-rific since Lena Olin […]

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mclusky. CUNT!

Show Date: November 2, 2002

"Have you heard the new mclusky album? If not, what the fuck have you been doing? The album is great! Hold on, let me play you a couple of tunes." This is the kind of conversation I have been having with friends and loved ones for the last couple months now. The conversation isn't new. […]

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Bright Eyes with the Bruces and M. Ward

Show Date: October 18, 2002

{I, Imaginary Girl Liz here do solumnly swear to be a professional and objective music writer and I will not gush about Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, Saddle Creek Records or anything else associated therewith. Cross my heart.} Bright Eyes hit the Northwest with an army of 13. The rotating cast took the shape of three different […]

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Show Date: October 12, 2002

A rock ‘n roll dream night. I packed up the Capitol Hill kids for a road trip to Ballard to see one of those "scream with glee when you read the concert calendar in the Sunset Tavern women’s restroom" shows. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a parking space no more than 10 feet […]

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Cinerama, with ballboy

Show Date: October 1, 2002

"9.28.02, The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco""9.30.02, Blackbird Cafe, Portland""10.1.02, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle" In late September – early October there was a miraculous alignment of the planets that resulted in a glorious 4-day ballboy — Cinerama bender for Imaginary Girl Liz. As some might already know, I’ve been a massive fan of both ballboy […]

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Horns and Halos

I am not a film fanatic. Sure, I enjoy the occasional foreign film, documentary, or Owen Wilson movie, but I am far from being able to talk intelligently about a Kurosawa resurgence or the latest Brad Pitt movie. So, if I proclaim that a film has inspired me to want to see it again, you […]

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