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The Lucksmiths

Show Date: July 9, 2003

I was in indie-pop heaven. The evening consisted of a four band powerhouse of cute-indie-catchy-goodness. From the moment that the Mosquitos hit the stage to the last strum of the Lucksmiths' guitar there was not a less than blissful moment. The Mosquitos are a one man band {a la the Mountain Goats} that combined the […]

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The Vines

Show Date: March 19, 2003

The night of the long-awaited Vines show, I fell victim to a miscalculation of my own mathematical "what time the band is going on" formula. The goal of this wonder-formula is to provide the appropriate window of time I need to arrive at a venue to catch all the bands on my wish-list and allow […]

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Show Date: January 25, 2003

ROCK ROCK ROCK! Even before they played their first note, I knew the D4 were going to leave me metaphorically pantless. The place already had a ting of back-of-the-van B.O. and the audience members were all standing feet-shoulder width apart. I followed suit and, feeling inspired by the energy of the rock 'n roll scent […]

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives, and Cato Salsa Experience

Show Date: November 23, 2002

As with any fine evening, my Imaginary Boy in Tow (embracey) and I met up for drinks before heading over to the Graceland. Over our regular drinks (my mandarin, soda w/ lime and embracey's so co and coke), we felt a charge of Scandinavia in the air. "I haven't felt this Ikea-rific since Lena Olin […]

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