Goodbye to the Paradox Theater

Show Date: February 1, 2003

By Alisha and Summer {aka Honorary Imaginary All-Ages Correspondents} {imaginary aside: The Paradox Theater recently closed the doors to it's location on the Ave. But are they closing? NO! They are not closing. They are relocating. If you have any further questions, or want to volunteer, they're provided a handy FAQ about their future on […]

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Airs Above Your Station

Airs Above Your Station? Are you kidding? I mean, Steve's Basement! Semaphore! Rhode Island Freakout! Schedule for Using Pillows & Beanbags! I Think I Blew It! Your Lights Are (out or) Burning Badly! Waves of Second Guessing! I think I blew it (again)! I mean, come on! It's Kinski fer Chrissakes! You remember Kinski, don't […]

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Show Date: January 25, 2003

ROCK ROCK ROCK! Even before they played their first note, I knew the D4 were going to leave me metaphorically pantless. The place already had a ting of back-of-the-van B.O. and the audience members were all standing feet-shoulder width apart. I followed suit and, feeling inspired by the energy of the rock 'n roll scent […]

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Cutest Band in Seattle Contest 2003: Lands Farther East

Show Date: January 24, 2003

Lands Farther East. These guys were technically really, really good. Again I'm going to say that musically, their sound wasn't particularly *cute.* It was practically math rock, a la Tristeza or Volta Do Mar, precise and skilled. I was amused that they tuned their guitars. They only played four songs! But that's what I mean […]

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