Joshua Gabriel of the Ruby Doe

Name: Joshua Gabriel Pre-occupations? Ruby Doe drummer with a day-jobber hobby. Coffee Specs: Beverage of choice: Double Short Americano with Raw (slang for the sweet stuff in the brown packet). Coffee Shop of choice: Tully's Because…? "My Tully's affinity was born from the dangerous procurement of a free "Latte-A-Day" card for a couple months from […]

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Visqueen, with the Model Rockets

Show Date: March 1, 2003

If there's any justice left in this musical world, Visqueen will become the phenomenally successful international bona fide rockstars that they deserve to be, placing Seattle (finally) firmly on the non-grunge map it's been lost from this past decade or so. But wait — we already know there is indeed a shortage of said justice. […]

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The Thermals: I can't fucking stop thinking about you!

Show Date: February 28, 2003

Everything Thermals!The Thermals were coming! The Thermals were coming!!!! How can I bow down and textually worship this band more, to convey the depths of my newfound adoration for this punk-pop miracle that has entered and enriched our imaginary worlds? To catch you up: I first saw the Thermals open for Hot Hot Heat a […]

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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, with Hint Hint and The Cripples

Show Date: February 27, 2003

With 2003 only one-quarter finished, it may be too early for such a proclamation, but come December I'm certain that you'll still hear me testify that Hearts of Oak by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists is one of the best records of the year. Imagine a record that satisfies just about every indie rock jones […]

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Open Hearts

Disclaimer: I have a slight proclivity for things Scandinavian. You may have noticed this already — I recently got a little, um, moist for (Norwegian) Sondre Lerche, and temporarily went out of my natural mind for certain members of (Norwegian) Cato Salsa Experience and (Swedish) Soundtrack of our Lives. But you may not know, say, […]

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