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TIG exclusive: New Album and Video from Your Heart Breaks’ Drone Butch Blues

Clyde Petersen is a Seattle treasure. Over the course of 20 years, nine albums, and countless shows and films, Clyde has earned the title of Indie Folk Hero thanks to an astonishing CV with credits ranging from film producer, writer, director, animator, visual artist, indie rock musician (Your Heart Breaks), and at least five other job titles I’ve missed. I’m pretty sure the mission statement on his resume is: Be awesome, all the time. He takes DIY to a whole other level by not only creating and inspiring others with his art, but by crafting a welcoming, all-inclusive scene which helps others thrive in Seattle.

This is all to say, it’s never a dull moment when Clyde’s in the mix – and that’s why we are excited to share an exclusive listen to the entire new Your Heart Breaks album and a new music video with you!

Your Heart Breaks’ new album, Drone Butch Blues, released in April 2019 on Sofaburn Records (buy it!). It’s a queer concept album based on the writings of historic and contemporary GLBTQI authors. It’s self-described as an “acoustic queer folk drone” album. I’m always down with new sub-genres and hope there are more entries in this one. It’s quiet and crushing with an captivating backbeat.

[quote]”With a focus on stories surrounding queer community, Drone Butch Blues touches on topics of secret and forbidden love, sex with strangers, the lives of hustlers, the impact of AIDS on homosexuals, historic events and rebellion all interwoven with the personal narrative of Clyde Petersen. Striving to examine the contemporary gap between generations of queers and their elders, Petersen turns to written materials to find buried remnants of gay culture and creative vibrant humans, lost to the plague of AIDS. What emerges from this exploration is Drone Butch Blues, the 9th full-length album from a twenty-year career as Your Heart Breaks.”[/quote]

You can hear Drone Butch Blues right now!

Hear other familiar voices on the album? You probably recognize one of the special guests that appear in the line up, including but not limited to: Karl Blau (K Records), Kelley Deal (The Breeders), and Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches).

And that’s not all!!! Clyde also shared a new video! He explains:

[quote]”I shot this music video in New Your City with my friend Jeffrey. I met him years ago at a show in Hoboken on a tour with Kimya Dawson. He was a teenager then and a young poet. We became friends over the years and he eventually came out to me and started having boyfriends. Now he lives in the city and studies Creative Writing and writes poetry. The song is a letter to him. He was kind enough to come adventuring through the lower east side with me and let me make a music video about him. Since the entire album is primarily based off of written texts surrounding New York City LGBTQ culture throughout the decades, it seems fitting to have a new song about a new generation of queer folks in the NYC.”[/quote]

I know, right? There’s a reason that Clyde has won every worthy award in Seattle (Neddy at Cornish Award and the Stranger Genius Award, just to name a couple).

Ready to hit the road? Your Heart Breaks is on tour with Nana Grizol and Loamlands to celebrate the release of the new album!

5/6 Pinhook (Durham, NC)
5/7 Comet Ping-Pong (DC)
5/8 PhilaMOCA (Philly)
5/9 NY Coney Island Baby (NYC)
5/10 Trans Pecos (Brooklyn)
5/11 Make Shift (Boston)
5/12 Warmer Warmer (Providence)
5/13 Flywheel (Easthampton, MA)

Big Star Big Star Third Golden Gardens Hobosexual ILLFIGHTYOU Karl Blau Negativland Sandrider The Dream Syndicate The Replacements Your Heart Breaks

Bumbershoot 2014: Best single Bumbershoot day ever?

No need for a loping intro to this one. For future reference, this is what happened on Sunday, August 31st at the Seattle Center. For a slobbering, no-good-for-shore music fan of many decades like me, it gives full on braingasm to try to wrap my skull walnut around it. These blurbs will be reasonably tight (save for those evoking unrestrained fanboy blather), because there is no need to elaborate much on how incredibly awesome the line up was in the apex day of Bumbershoot 2014. Bravo, B-shoot!

Poot Bam, Wig Wam Bam! Sunday, August 31, 2014

12:00 PM, KEXP Music Lounge – The Dream Syndicate

I missed out on the first Dream Syndicate album in the early 80s, because reviewers kept comparing it to the Velvet Underground, and frankly back then I was trying a little too hard-core. (Plus, the VU were having some reissued material out at the time, and I thought it was a little redundant. Why not go to the source?) But then their second LP The Medicine Show arrived, and even though it got less excitable reviews, I got on board. For me, it was similar to the backlash that the Violent Femmes suffered, and I am one of those nasty little contrarians that prefer both band's sophomore releases (more fresh reinvention than slump IMHO). Brilliant guitarist Karl Precoda left after Medicine Show, and won't be at this exciting live revival, in the ultra-cool KEXP Music Lounge, but that shouldn't stop you from coming to hear one of the most generous uncles of indie rock. That particular LP holds delights like "Bullet With My Name On It," "Burn," and of course "Daddy's Girl" (super-size trigger warnings on that one, kids), and if they play any of 'em, you'll be hooked for life. Trust your forlorn, college rock-founding uncle; he may have forgotten your birthday, but he would often stagger in after hours and throw you the keenest hooks, darkest laughs, and imported intoxicants. 


12:00 PM, Words & Ideas – Why Bronies? Why Juggalos? Why Now?

A better question might be, why not have Bronies and Juggalos wrestle? Are Bronies a youth gang now too? Does the FBI monitor Bronies? (If I was in charge of the government, it would!) Anyways, it's freak fandom kingdom come time. Come hear about the kinda neat way otherwise regular dudes bond over the simple and edifying morality tales of My Little Pony; and get on up on how Juggalos look out for each other while somehow going ritualistically going bat-guano gaga at rap rock festivals etc. The scenes are both actually a lot more fascinating than you may think, even if you don't care about the chosen mediums. 

12:30 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage – Hobosexual (DON'T MISS IT!)

Best Rock Band in Seattle, according to Seattle Weekly, and no one is complaining. HIT IT!

1:15 PM, Fisher Green Stage – We Are Scientists

I love swanky funny melodic stuff, and everyone tells me not to miss this. Like Hobosexual above, sometimes adding humor to a genre can make all the difference. I'm not usually into these kinds of sounds, but this is when a fun-friendly spin can turn all things around. Recommended!

1:30 PM, Pavilion Stage – Golden Gardens (DON'T MISS IT!)

The otherworldly femme fatale vocals will melt that gun right out of your trembling hand, detective. What's that, the floor is disappearing from beneath you? You're going down into The Big Sleep but trust me you'll feel more than just a little death. Exquisite, elegant noir-pop that is a must-see for all fans of the best years of the label called 4AD.

1:45 PM, Words & Ideas Stage – Failure Variety Show (DON'T MISS IT!)

Excellent Central District-based conceptual agents of The Project Room present an hour long variety show that is immersed in a subject I can never get enough of, "Why do I keep [email protected]#ing Up?!" Carrie Akre! (love her, and you get to hear music life fails!), Kellen Conway (playwright mangles! Oh man that's gonna be good), Brett Hamil (writer and comedian bungles! And this guy is extraordinary with self-deprecation so prepare to laugh till Brett's mom cries). Hosted by Emmett Montgomery, one of the very best emcees in Sea-burg. 

2:00 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage – Sandrider 

Hot sludge-asphalt assault kings Akimbo and The Ruby Doe made a baby and OH GOD IT'S EATING THE NURSES HEAD!!!!!!! Hide the painkillers and start filing the lawsuits. 



The Stooges of rap. The Fear the Record of hip-hop. I'll fight you if you disagree with me. I'll fight with THEM if they disagree with ME! I'll fight everybody! Don't miss these baiting bastards biting on hard-ass beats, all gnarly snarls and Swisher Sweets swagger in full Anti-Social Behavior Disorder galore.

2:45 PM, Comedy at the Playhouse – Janeane Garofalo, W. Kamau Bell, Michelle Buteau

I am still waiting for W. Kamau Bell to officially release more of his incedibly insightful and ferocious topical humor, which should be spread everywhere on loudspeakers, but it's gonna be GREAT to get into it live. Michelle Buteau is famous on the teevee and probably very cool and looking forward to sampling her comedy live too. Janeane, Janeane, Janeane, you turn my heart into a jellybean. I know your sinewy synapse-snapping social observations going to kill it, sister. (She's probably the one comedian besides Brett Hamil I will be seeing more than once this B-2014).

4:00 PM, Fisher Pavilion – Boating With Clyde: A Nautical Adventure Series – (DON'T MISS IT!)

Even deeper underground than the above, and for fans of the real Cascadian creme center, check this out:

2:15             Sierra Nelson
4:00             Elissa Ball
5:45             Slashed Tires
7:30             Karl Blau

Yeah, now you know what the regional DIY soldiers are doing. This above might be my favorite action all weekend. Shh, don't tell any buzzkills.

4:45 PM, Fisher Green Stage – Luscious Jackson 

Not even going to try to sell this one. As with Wu-Tang Clain on Saturday, would you really MISS IT, even if I didn't write DON'T? Some of the very best groove and female empowerment soul hustle of the 90s, I still have the LPs, and love this band of three very bad-ass women. A TIG thing, you understand. ESSENTIAL.

5:15 PM, Words & Ideas Stage – Tom Robbins

I would recommend this, but it's going to be packed out. He's very quick, very charming, very smart, and that sense of humor you inherited from your suavely enchanted but disgruntled older relatives has a lot to do with him. Concepts of synchronicity, The Conspiracy, counter-culture mythology, etc., all go back to this hippie. Again, none of us are getting in (especially with this weather, which makes the Words & Ideas stage into an Ark of tourists — and remember, they're all his age), but if you can, make do and see.


5:15 PM, The Pavilion Stage – Negativland (DON'T MISS IT!)

DIY demigods not afraid to chew through reams of Cease & Desist orders faxed by lawyers, these perennial post-Situationists put on the most delcious mockeries of everything the Establishment holds dear. This time around they're making fun of god, so good luck if you are at all sensitive to what believers call "blasphemy." I'm hoping their head-enemas hold up. and that they haven't bitten off too much satirical communion to chew on. But between you and I, I wouldn't miss this show for the world. Also: If you think you like spoken word-noise-sound collage with bite, go buy their classic Escape From Noise, a much more important record than Nevermind.

5:30 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage – Schoolyard Heroes

They're back! Local crucial Goth punk poppers come back to burn your gymnasium down again! It's society's fault, "The Man" made it out of wood! Lots of swoony 00s punk and rock club kids will be swarming this one. Welcome home!

6:00 PM, Mainstage – The Replacements (DON'T MISS IT!)

REALLY! DON'T MISS THEM! Everyone is going. You may not think you love The Replacements, but every real rock band since 1987's best songs have their DNA in them, and frankly The Replacements did it all far better first. Alternative Nation's The Beatles. Sure they had less than a fourth of the amount of releases the Fab Four put out, but I'll take the B-side "Beer For Breakfast" over "Let It Be" in a skipped heartbeat. 

7:15 PM, Fountain Lawn Stage – Mission Of Burma (DON'T MISS IT!)

American art-rock at its most creative, confrontative without being abusive, inspirational, and irresistible. This was the kind of band Europeans said could never come out of a place like here. We showed 'em. If you love Gang of Four, The Mekons, Wire, etc., but still haven't experienced 

8:00 PM, Starbucks Stage – Big Star's Third (DON'T MISS IT!)

All-star bash celebrating an almost non-album; an unfinished masterpiece by Alex Chilton and his band Big Stars before he flowed down a river of charm-angst and anti-remorse. He did it his way, delightfully yet demonically describing burnt out husks of emotion in an age when people were still tying the yellow ribbon around the old gold tree. I would list the players but frankly be surprised, you'll be happy you are. Personally, I think it's a weird choice to try to put all this together live by guest players, as I love the mystery, never wanted it solved. Then again, maybe I'm just taking a really cool thing for granted. Nope, I'm going!

8:15 PM, Fisher Green Pavilion – Pickwick

Rumors that they've "gona ska" should be put to rest by this performance. Ska never used a Theremin! Sheesh.

10:00 PM: Los Lobos (Starucks Stage) Vs. Bootsy Collins (Fisher Green Stage)

DON'T MISS EITHER OF THEM! And let me know how you did that, because this is a terrible collision of two incredibly awesome performances. Get the coins out and be ready to flip 'em! But seriously, this is hard. Rootsy, arty, soulful topical rock and bittersweet ballads from Lost Angels versus The King Of Funk Bass. By all rights, they should be jamming up there together. It might make more sense than trying to duplicate Third (Sister Lovers) live. But hey, better too much gold than all out of love, ifyouknowwhatIamsaying.

See you Monday!

Imaginary Scoop Police Teeth Pony Time Racetrack Ships Sunset Tavern Your Heart Breaks

Recommended show: Hall & Oates covers and a birthday party at the Sunset {Saturday ~ 1/15}

Hall & Oates covers and Heather Hydra turns 30

This Saturday at the Sunset is going to be off the Maneater hizzay as some of Seattle’s brightest take the stage to celebrate Hall & Oates and our dear {imaginary staffer and all around indie-queen} Heather Hydra’s birthday!

Will there be fluffy Oates mustaches aplenty in the Sunset at the show? The scent of Aquanet wafting from the bathroom? Have we all been practicing our clapping to replicate the tight synth of “Private Eyes”?  Fingers crossed / possibly / I hope so!

I *do* know that bands like Ships and Pony Time and as well as members of Police Teeth, Racetrack, Your Heart Breaks and many more will be taking the stage to tackle the multiple-decades catalog of a band that defined 1980’s {and for some, the 1970’s} for many a feathered-hair folk.

To get us in the mood, here’s a little Rich Girl {she’s a B!T*H girl!!!} for us all:


40 Watt Caledonia Lounge Go Sailor Happy Happy Birthday to Me Imaginary Scoop International Waters Nana Grizol Poison Control Center Sourpatch Standard Fare The Wedding Present Voxtrot Your Heart Breaks

Athens Popfest roundup: 5 days of awesome

biggest fuckin stage

{a rare Popfest sight – an empty 40 Watt, by Rich Guiterrez}

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Athens Popfest is always the best week of the year for indie pop nerds, and this year was no exception. Think five days straight of raging shows, surrounded by so many old and new favorite bands and your “camp buddies” you only see once a year + 100 (or more) degree heat and southern humidity + cheap booze + insane nerdery. All I can really say is that it was epic, for so many reasons. Here are a few highlights.

Top five favorite bands:
1. Go Sailor
There was kind of no way that this wasn’t going to be my favorite, as I’m a die hard Go Sailor fan, but their set was amplified by me and about 20 other die hard Go Sailor fans screaming along every word to every song. You just can’t buy that kind of camaraderie and sense of community. At that moment, Go Sailor were our Beatles. We spent the whole set singing specific favorite lyrics to each other and jumping up and down and dancing our asses off. I consequently spent the rest of popfest without a voice. It was totally worth it. Their whole set was recorded and is on youtube, but here’s my favorite song of the set “A Fine Day For Sailing”. (That’s us in the background.)

2. Nana Grizol/Your Heart Breaks

{Your Heart Breaks photo by Rich Guitierrez}

OK, I’m cheating here by combining two bands into one, but there was something so powerful about watching their sets back to back. Your Heart Breaks and Theo of Nana Grizol had spent a week touring around Florida prior to their popfest set, and had worked out something called “The Family Band”, of members of YHB, Nana Grizol, Defiance, OH, and Madeline all playing each others songs. The Your Heart Breaks set ended with members of the Family Band coming on stage to play on a few songs, including “Torrey Pines” (check it out on our last podcast) and a new song about Samantha Jane Dorsett, the founder of Plan-it X Records and a friend of Clyde from YHB, who was a transgender woman who tragically committed suicide last year. The song ends in a refrain of “all we got is each other/all punks got/is each other“. Needless to say, I was in tears. Then Nana Grizol stepped on stage more revved up than I’ve ever seen them, kicking into “Blackbox” at a record speed. Like before at Go Sailor, all the hardcore NG fans were up front screaming along to Theo Hilton’s ever-so-powerful lyrics. Theo talked a lot about community and your friends and how sometimes the town you live in and love can get to you, and as someone who’s making a life changing move (to Athens!), I got a bit teary-eyed, again. After the intense amount of sweat and tears from that afternoon show, I couldn’t have been happier to walk out into a torrential downpour, completing the cathartic circle of cleansing.

3. International Waters
Remember when Voxtrot was great? And how they spread the joy of jangly indie pop to the masses? Well, it’s apparent that the best part of Voxtrot was their two guitar players, as they have started a new band called International Waters, and I have to say, they’re even better than their predecessor. Combining perfect guitar tone, just a dash of sugary female vocals and some seriously energetic jangle, International Waters were my biggest popfest surprise. The second they said they had a 7″, and that a few copies of the 7″ had a burned CD of their new 10″ not quite back from the pressing plant, I booked it back to the merch table just to make sure I could snag one of those few copies (it’s definitely a sport in the popfest olympics). Keep an eye on them – they’ll be making a splash soon enough.

4. Sourpatch

{photo by Daniella Maria Echeverria}
I’ve been a fan of this band since last San Francisco popfest when they blew me away with their Tiger Trap-esque perfect indie pop punk and swooning boy girl vocals, and this was by far the best show I’ve ever seen them play. They are living proof that hardcore drummers should also always also be in indie pop bands (for the love of god there needs to be more bands like this!). For a band that is heavily influenced by Rose Melberg’s louder endeavors, you could tell they were nervous to be opening up for Go Sailor (conflict of interest note – I danced my ass off with the members of Sourpatch during Go Sailor’s set), but they channeled their nervous energy perfectly to produce a little slice of indie pop heaven.

5. The Wedding Present
Again – no surprise here. They played exactly the same set they played in Seattle (even “Corduroy” and the same new songs), but I still felt exactly the same feeling of excitement, and maybe even more, when they kicked into the opening chords of “Brassneck”. After the high of Go Sailor (they played directly after them), I was so amped up on indie pop and life in general, that I spent the entire Bizarro portion of the set jumping up and down and screaming along, dancing with friends from near and far, and generally continuing what popfest is all about – being surrounded by people that get you and understand why you dedicate your life to loving what you do, and for one week out of the year, feeling at home in such a spread out community.

A few more photos of favorites for good measure:

Standard Fare

{Standard Fare by Daniella Maria Echeverria}

Poison Control Center

{The Poison Control Center by Daniella Maria Echeverria}

Imaginary Scoop Kimya Dawson Nana Grizol On The Road Your Heart Breaks

Best news of the day: Theo from Nana Grizol in Seattle June 29th

It’s no secret that we here at Three Imaginary Girls LOVE Nana Grizol. The magical twitter birds happened to post this news today:

June 29th at the Mine (5113 Russell Ave NW)

Defiance, OH (Theo NG’s other band)

Kimya Dawson

Your Heart Breaks

Theo Grizol (his solo sets are so magical!)

Chin Up, Meriwether

8pm sharp, $6-$10

Though it’s a Tuesday, we feel this show needs no explanation. Without the horns and the double drums and exploding energy, what’s left in Theo’s songs are beautiful, heartwrenching tales of friendships and relationships so honest and true that it’s hard not to instantly relate.

I recently came into posession of a Nana Grizol Inspirational Pillow Case with the phrase (from the song “Galaxies”) “What you now are seeking hope to realize. Don’t give it til the weekend it will takes weeks months years it will take you your whole life“. Just think about that one for a while and try not to be inspired.

Plus, Defiance, OH are an amazing pop punk band that showcases some of Theo’s songs. Kimya Dawson will warm your heart, and Your Heart Breaks will break it in the best way possible (a recent lyric from a new song changes two words in a favorite Lucksmiths song lyric to “this great dividing range proves we are divisible”, changing from a sweet sentiment to a heart-sinking moment of truth).

Be there. Be ready to be inspired. If you still need more convicing, watch this video from the wonderful Pink Couch Sessions, here’s a video of Theo (and friends) playing “Blackbox” off of this year’s Ruth.


Afternoon Naps BOAT Bunnygrunt Cars Can Be Blue Casper and the Cookies Elekibass Fishboy Gold-Bears Imaginary Scoop Nana Grizol Rose Melberg Sourpatch Your Heart Breaks

Athens Popfest 2010 first lineup announcement!

{Robert Schneider from the Apples In Stereo from Athens Popfest 2008}

We here at TIG have been crushing out over Athens Popfest for years. I’ve been every year since 2006 and Liz went in 2005 and 2007. It’s pretty much always the best week of the year, fusing together amazing indie pop, delicious food (seriously, Athens has the best!), and wonderful community. I look forward to the lineup announcement all year long, and the wonderful popfest folks have given us just a taste of what’s to come, featuring some of my current favorite bands and lots of TIG favorites (and as always, some newbies I’m so excited to hear)!

August 10th-14th, Athens, GA

Afternoon Naps



Cars Can Be Blue

Casper & the Cookies




Rose Melberg

Nana Grizol


Sweater Girls


World Atlas

Your Heart Breaks

If I were you, I’d start looking for your plane ticket now!

Blanket Truth Dashel Schueler Imaginary Scoop Nana Grizol New Crompton Your Heart Breaks

Tonight's recommended show: Theo Zumm from Nana Grizol gets up close and personal

I dare you to find a person who attended February 19th Nana Grizol show at the Vera Project who didn't think that Nana Grizol didn't completely upstage the evening's headliners, Music Tapes. I don't mean to start any GA gang wars with my declarations of better-ness, but the show, which marked Nana Grizol's first Seattle performance, was one of my favorites of the year so far.

Nana Grizol completely charmed the audience with their brand of sweet jangle of their Athens, GA indie-rock that makes folks unabashedly dance to their hooky stories about good times with friends hooks and coy affairs of the heart.

And, how could 2009 get any better? Theo (lead front guy songwriter dude) is coming back to town to perform a very special one-man show in a very small, shall I say intimate, setting at New Crompton.

Join me as we hug and laugh and giggle the night away in underground splendor with the four very fine acts on the bill:


2020 Cycles Imaginary Scoop Shenandoah Davis Your Heart Breaks

Your Heart Breaks, Shenandoah Davis show (gorgeous video too!)

I've had the privilege of corresponding with the lovely Shenandoah Davis (member of Jack Wilson and the Wife Stealers, and a talented solo artist in her own right) about an upcoming project and show of hers — man, this video is absolutely stunning.

Firmly lodged somewhere between DIY and masterful, Clyde Peterson's shoot for the song "We; Camera" is finally up for public consumption, and I'm super-excited to share it:

And here's the details on the video premiere and upcoming show on January 24th:

2020 Cycles
2020 E. Union St

Saturday, 1/24

8 pm / $5 / all ages
Your Heart Breaks
Shenandoah Davis

& music video watching party!

Shenandoah's also recently been playing with faves Grand Hallway, who will be at Neumo's with Hey, Marseilles on February 19th. You can also catch her doing two quieter event in February, on the 13th at the Hiawatha Artist Lofts, and on the 26th at Columbia City Theater as part of their 'Women in Art' event.

BOAT Boyracer Imaginary Scoop Lake Northern Portrait Speaker Speaker Strawberry Fair Surefire Broadcast Young Sportsmen Your Heart Breaks

So much free indie pop!



Our dear friends over at Indiepages have posted their top 40 songs of the year (split up between EPs and LPs of course) for free download! So much free music!

The list includes some local favorites like Young Sportsmen, Speaker Speaker, Lake, BOAT, and Your Heart Breaks, as well as tracks from indie pop bands afar like Surefire Broadcast, Boyracer, Northern Portrait, Strawberry Fair, and much, much more!

Perk up your Friday and discover something you might have missed! Hurry, because they don't leave this stuff up very long!

Black Nite Crash Blitzen Trapper Central Services Damien Jurado Fleet Foxes Grand Archives Gutter Twins Helm's Alee Hey Marseilles Imaginary Scoop Kaylee Cole Lake Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands Moondoggies Natalie Portman's Shaved Head New Faces Sera Cahoone Shane Tutmarc and the Traveling Mercies Speaker Speaker Tea for Julie The Dutchess and the Duke The Helio Sequence The Kindness Kind The Saturday Knights These Arms Are Snakes Throw Me the Statue Voyager One Your Heart Breaks

Best of 2008: Top Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers' Poll Winners

Upset. The word of the our 2008 Best Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers’ Poll is upset.

With the Fleet Foxes winning readers and critical polls alike, who would’ve thought they wouldn’t get top honors in our humble little Northwest poll? But they didn’t — they placed a distant second to New Faces, another debut record from some very talented, very young Northwest fellas.

We had other surprises as well, with unsigned newcomers such as Hey Marseilles, the Kindness Kind, and Kaylee Cole cracking the top ten, beating out Northwest heavyweights such as Death Cab for Cutie. We did not expect that. And we love it when you surprise us, dear readers.

We imaginaries like to champion the up-and-comers from the Northwest, and our results indicate that you do as well. We think you all also have fabulous taste, as always. Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll. We couldn’t be more proud or thrilled to present the top 50 winners on your behalf…

Winners of the TIG Top Northwest Releases of 2008 Readers’ Poll:

50. Michael VermillionLast Night on Earth {info}
49. Jared Mees and the Grown ChildrenCaffeine, Alchohol, Sunshine, Money {album review}
48. Destruction Island Destruction Island Preaches the New Wilderness
47. Boy Eats Drums Machine Booomboxxx
46. The Apple WarAlarm Bell City {live show review}
45. The Hungry PinesGolden You {info}
44. Hypatia Lake Angels & Demons Space & Time {info}
43. All Girl Summer Fun BandLooking Into It {live show review}
42. The Dandy Warhols…Earth to the Dandy Warhols… {info}
41. By SunlightBy Sunlight
40. Blue ScholarsButter and Guns {info}
39. Parenthetical GirlsEntanglements {album review}
38. Your Heart BreaksLove is a Long Dark Road
37. Isobel Campbell & Mark LaneganSunday at Devil Dirt {info}
36. H is for HellgateCome for the peaks stay for the valleys {info}
35. Andrea Wittgens In The Skyline {info}
34. Common MarketBlack Patch War {album review}
33. Colin MeloyColin Meloy Sings Live! {album review}
32. Chris WallaField Manual {album review}
31. Head Like a Kite – There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere {album review}
30. LakeOh, the Places You’ll Go
29. BOATTopps {info}
28. 31 KnotsWorried Well {info}
27. Gutter Twins Saturnalia {album review}
26. MoondoggiesDon’t Be A Stranger {info}
25. Mark Pickerel & His Praying HandsCody’s Dream {album review}
24. Tea for JulieThe Sense in Tying Knots {album review}
23. Central Services Central Services Presents… The Board of Education! {info}
22. These Arms Are SnakesTail Swallower & Dove {info}
21. Speaker SpeakerCall It Off {info}
20. Sera CahooneOnly As the Day Is Long {album review}
19. Dutchess and the DukeShe’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke {live show review}
18. The Saturday KnightsMingle {album review}
17. Throw Me The StatueMoonbeams {album review}
16. Helms AleeNight Terror {live show review}
15. Natalie Portman’s Shaved HeadGlistening Pleasure {live show review}
14. Death Cab for CuteNarrow Stairs {album review}
13. Voyager OneAfterhours in the Afterlife {album review}
12. Shane Tutmarc and the Traveling MerciesHey Lazarus {album review}
11. Black Nite CrashArray {info}
10. Damien JuradoCaught In The Trees {album review}
9. Blitzen Trapper – Furr {album review}
8. Grand ArchivesGrand Archives {album review}
7. Hey MarseillesTo Travels and Trunks {live show review}
6. Helio SequenceKeep Your Eyes Ahead {album review}
5. Man PlusHungarian Suicide Songbook {album review}
4. The Kindness KindThe Kindness Kind {info}
3. Kaylee ColeWe’re Still Here Missing You {live show review}
2. Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes {album review}
1. New FacesTwo Years {album review}