Dear Rhett: Can I kiss your furrowed brow and calm your nervous heart?

Show Date: February 16, 2003

A question for our readers: is Rhett Miller the most gorgeous human ever to grace a stage, male or female? And if so, does this discredit him as a musician? And more importantly with a question like this: why don't we have a photo of him to go with this review? The answers: Yes. Abosultely […]

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Cupid Rhymes with Stupid

Show Date: February 14, 2003

A Very Crocodile V-Day synopsis: four bands, two imaginary girls, 148 photographs, three drinks, five cigarettes, and one torn-in-half heart on the mend. I’d like to start out with a reminder that "Cupid" rhymes with "stupid," which should give a clear picture as to how I really feel about Valentine’s Day. Or, at the very […]

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Visqueen: King Me!

Show Date: January 25, 2003

Yes, again with the Visqueen. We couldn't help ourselves. There they were opening up for that kickass New Zealand band The D4 (you'll read about them next). On top of that, we weren't sure if we could make it until the February 11 release of their album King Me to hear "Omaha." Obviously, we had […]

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The Decemberists

Show Date: February 14, 2003

Another holiday at the Crocodile — this time, in the name of St. Valentine of Hallmark. The timing of the show worked out perfectly, as it served as an excellent gathering point for the imaginary posse, regardless of significant-other status. Armed with many cocktails and charming companionship, we were ready for the stunning four band […]

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Show Date: February 5, 2003

Morcheeba first came to me at a lame Little Rock potluck dinner party in summer 1998. Somehow the pretentious, borderline-moron host (who hadn't exercised the good sense to stock up on beverages of any kind — and for this and many other things I will never forgive him) had come across a deliciously layered chill-electro […]

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