Show Date: December 19, 2002

For the most part, the re-introduction of a historical phase is the cause of nothing other than grief — to repeat what has already been done seems boring and cheap. In the case of the recent Shoegazer resurgence, I am easily able to over-ride (no pun intended) any such negative thoughts and fully embrace it. […]

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The Madrid Report

After three gorgeous weeks in Barcelona and another lovely week in the Basque Country, I continued on to spend three weeks in Madrid… with some strange setbacks, but some lovely times as well. And even managed to catch Blackalicious. For the vicarious thrill travelers, here's the update… {oh yeah, and if you wanna practice speaking […]

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives, and Cato Salsa Experience

Show Date: November 23, 2002

As with any fine evening, my Imaginary Boy in Tow (embracey) and I met up for drinks before heading over to the Graceland. Over our regular drinks (my mandarin, soda w/ lime and embracey's so co and coke), we felt a charge of Scandinavia in the air. "I haven't felt this Ikea-rific since Lena Olin […]

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mclusky. CUNT!

Show Date: November 2, 2002

"Have you heard the new mclusky album? If not, what the fuck have you been doing? The album is great! Hold on, let me play you a couple of tunes." This is the kind of conversation I have been having with friends and loved ones for the last couple months now. The conversation isn't new. […]

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The Barcelona Report

"If you get caught between Barca and New York City (I mean, Seattle…)" My three weeks in Barca have now come to a close (SOB)… and what a lovely strange place it was. Mostly strange because it felt so familiar, so comfortable… I could easily imagine spending lots of time here, and hope to return […]

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Luna in Spain: Ondar-wha?

Show Date: October 25, 2002

OK, so I have missed Luna in Seattle, like… six times? Seven? I don´t know, it seems that whenever they come, I narrowly miss the show for some odd reason or another (like the whole Wilco/Luna fiasco-conflict at this year´s Bumbershoot). As many of you may know, I am currently in España, traveling and learning […]

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