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Viva Viva Viva KEXP and Robyn Hitchcock

“I don’t think you can quit music writing,” quipped Mr Hitchcock. “It’s like alcohol. You never quit; you’re just in recovery.” I beamed. I’d just been introduced to Robyn Hitchcock and was having quite the superfan moment. He’d graciously responded to my stammering fan-girl claim that I’d returned to music writing after a seven-hiatus because […]

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Recommended SIFF: Treatment (aka: Sean Nelson directs!) {5/26 & 5/28}

Sean Nelson fans, you may have been asking yourself – what the hell has that guy been up to* lately? Well, here’s your answer. Mr. Nelson co-directed a movie (with Humpday Producer Steven Schardt) that’s getting all kinds of good buzz. It’s about an LA filmmaker (played by Joshua Leonard) whose schemes lead him to […]

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Pocket set to release several singles with the help of some famous friends

New York City remix wizard, Pocket, who has previously done mixes for Radiohead and Beck, will be releasing the first of a cluster of singles on Tuesday. The track,"Surround Him With Love," features vocals by Robyn Hitchcock and is a pumping slab of electronics, dance beats and fiery guitars. The single also includes three remixes […]

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Robyn Hitchcock, Sean Nelson, & Johanna Kunin

Show Date: April 6, 2007

2007 is the year of the chanteuse. Female singer-songwriters have left the realm of the lesbian acoustic mellow predictability and have expanded in staggering directions, some to great effect, even for a "I'm not into female singer-songwriters" skeptic like me. From my personal favorites (Amy Winehouse, Nicole Atkins, Lily Allen, Heather Duby) to the ones […]

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Tonight's Recommended Show: Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, Sean Nelson & His Mortal Enemies, Johanna Kunin at the Crocodile

Remember when you were in high school with your bedroom walls covered with REM posters and your Pre-Calc notebook covered with lines like "Talk about the passion" and "Miles Standish proud, congratulate me?"  Did you ever, in your wildest Quantum Leap dreams, think that you'd be in the same bar as Peter Buck? Yea, me […]

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Imaginary '02 Recap!

Hey kids! It’s the end of ’02, so welcome to the first ever Imaginary Recap. Hold onto your seats kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy year-long ride of favorite, in triplicate. Because the best things always happen in threes (ho ho ho…) {And yes, we have included shameless promotion links to our affliated Insound and […]

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